This is a big ambition which we can never realize on our own. Therefore we are searching for partners, experts and friends who are also in love with patterns and interested in testing of new culture archival and development digital methods.

Please read below who we are searching for. If you can’t find yourself but you want to join our community – please contact us!

We need:

Financial support for our search and digitization of new patterns, for further website development, for new interpretations creation and their offline exhibitions organization.

Our Sponsor gets:

We will tailor a sponsor package for your specific needs, here are just some options:
– Sponsorship coverage on website and social networks
– Joint projects with the Sponsor: series of interpretations and its exhibition, ethnographic trip for new patters search or other
– participation in Sponsor’s marketing activities

Museums and Funds that keep examples of Russian people’s patterns
We need:

– Opportunity to make digital photos of the patterns that you keep – only those that you want and can share
– Your expertise for new patterns search

You get:

We will adapt for your specific needs. This is a minimal list of what we guarantee:
– Photo files of your objects in highest quality
– partner status, your brand mentions on all individual pages of patterns that we got from and also in our social networks
– Our consultations regarding digital archive development

Experts in decorative and applied arts
We need:

– Your expert support of new patterns search: ideas of sources, useful contacts, etc
– Creation / curation of new collections (patterns, united with one theme)

You get:

– Status of Expert at – the biggest in the world open digital archive of patterns
– Opportunity to join “Expeditions” – our trips to distant Russian regions with the aim of unique patterns discovery
– Communication with our curious team – true enthusiasts of digital humanities and Russian patterns

We need:

Your support in popularization among intelligent modern audience, as well as among professional communities of designers, illustrators, culture experts.

Media-partner gets:

– Status of media-partner and mentions of your brand on website and social networks
– Opportunity to create with Mosaika unique special projects based on our materials
– Something else that you need. We will for sure find mutually interesting conditions

Designers, illustrators, architects
We need:

Your graphic interpretations – visual experiments / improvisations on authentic patterns development for contemporary design needs.
Together with you we choose original ornament that you like and then you create your interpretation of this ornament.
This work allows to create very surprising and relevant “future” of authentic Russian graphics.

You get:

– Your work coverage on our website, our social networks. In future we plan to show them also in the format of physical exhibition.
– Unique work for your portfolio
– Leadership position in 21st century Russian graphics development

Trainees and Volunteers
We need:

Your support in our constantly growing patterns database.

You get:

– Experience of database development for digital humanities project
– Your CV strengthening
– Opportunity to help one of the most Russian digital humanities projects grow fast and successfully
– Modest but pleasant compensation

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