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Original Pattern(s)
  • The author of this interpretation wanted to preserve the maximum of the original ornament’s graphic elements but to make them better suited for contemporary world and online communications.


    The result was a stylized design; preserving the palette and the common geometry of all elements, we slightly changed the nature of the drawing. The image of the characters became less naive and was traced more clearly.


    Following that, we took two random examples of communication that required the emphasis of the service’s commitment to the customer: they are an imaginary project of drinks from the Russian North and a classic feedback form.


    To solve these problems, we used the ornament’s graphics, separating the characters from the declarative elements.


    Scenario 1: Interface for the website promoting drinks from the Russian North



    Scenario 2: Feedback form



    The result of the project was the creation of separate appealing ornamental concepts and formulas:






    Principal features of interpretation:


    Composition: Changed, the ornament was divided into different parts for better conformity to the online environment.


    Elements: Preserved, the nature of the image became more modern.


    Rhythmics: Preserved in the images whose composition is close to the original.


    Palette: Changed to a more contrasting set of colors.


    Depth / Relief: Preserved, as the ornament initially looked flat on the wooden surface.
Author of interpretation
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