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Original Pattern(s)
  • We began the work by reconstructing the parts of selected ornaments, combining them and choosing a single palette. Initially we wanted to make the ornament brighter, but as we applied it directly to the surfaces of the chosen home decor objects, we discovered that the darker palette, similar to the hues of original ceramic ornaments, looks more fitting.





    We applied the compiled composition to the facade of a modern minimalist chest of drawers. The result was a beautiful combination of dark wood and a fairytale ornament in the dark blue palette with light blue and auburn highlights against the backdrop of the “golden” sun.




    The next stage saw us make the transition from a single composition to the infinite patterned grid in two versions.

    Version 1: The ornament based on the original composition with Sirin bird.



    Version 2: The ornament created from the “secondary” floral elements of the original composition.



    The resulting ornaments proved to be very versatile and look nicely on different elements of home decor:





    This interpretation is especially interesting because we were able to combine the ornaments from completely different originals in a single harmonious and distinctive composition and to choose the colors that seem very appropriate in contemporary interiors, filling them with a special mysterious atmosphere.



    Principal features of interpretation:


    Composition: Changed as interpretation sought to combine the elements of different ornaments.


    Elements: Preserved.


    Rhythmics: Preserved, we strove to keep the original frequency / density of the ornament elements so as not to lose the feeling of richness.


    Palette: Changed along the lines of the floral ornament’s palette (the image of Sirin in the original ornament was roughly colorless, and we filled it with blue-and-auburn colors partially borrowed from the ceramic ornaments).


    Depth / Relief: Partially lost, the floral motifs were borrowed from a ceramic ornament that originally possessed a certain relief.

Author of interpretation
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