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Original Pattern(s)
  • This project is based on the ornament of Udmurt headwear. The distinguishing feature of this ornament is its geometric nature that caught the eye of the architect who created this interpretation. We wanted to find out whether the ornament could become a part of the architectural concept while its composition and character were preserved to the utmost.



    The first step was to extract the geometry from the ornament. Clearly, the ornament is purely decorative, and so we decided that the architectural concept should also be “decorative” to the utmost, meaning that it would be intended for the pleasure of contemplating it. As a result, we created a model of a park pavilion and because we wanted to make the structure fitting for a summer park, full of greenery and air, we decided to fill the geometric figures with vertical vegetation instead of color.




    Principal features of interpretation:


    Composition: Preserved along with the ornament’s symmetry.


    Elements: Preserved.


    Rhythmicity: Preserved, the ornament is laid out in the same manner and creates a certain movement and energy thanks to the overlap and sloping of the elements.


    Palette: Changed in accordance with the context of ornament’s application (natural park environment).


    Depth / Relief: Preserved – the original ornament was three-dimensional thanks to the different materials, and we tried to preserve this depth through the difference in textures of the wood and vegetation elements.

Author of interpretation
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