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Original Pattern(s)
  • The author of this reconstruction, a young artist, often creates her works in the style of contemporary illustration. She quickly chose this ornament out of the great variety of originals because she saw the potential of transforming the slightly aged enamel into a vivid and versatile contemporary pattern.

    During the first stage, we redrew the ornament, foregoing the original’s texture created by the combination of enamel and partitions. The colors became brighter, more “naive” and fairytale-like.



    During the next step, we applied the ornament to interior design. The image of the cafe bar counter is a good illustration of how well a vivid and elaborate ornament based on the authentic graphics can fit into contemporary urban environment, making the cafe’s design truly unique.






    At the last stage of the process, to make the ornament more versatile, we recompiled it in two versions of infinite repetition.





    Principal features of interpretation:


    Composition: Preserved.


    Elements: Preserved with slight development.


    Rhythmicity: Preserved.


    Palette: Evolved so that original colors became brighter.


    Depth / Relief: Changed, with transition from elaborate relief of the filigree enamel towards flat illustration.



Author of interpretation
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